Hocking College-Department Chair for Hospitality & Culinary

Position Purpose

This position serves at the pleasure of the dean.  The position provides leadership and management to the School of Arts, Business and Sciences, focusing on Hospitality and Culinary. It requires both independent project management and collaboration with the Dean to create, maintain, and process materials associated with student and other academic offices. This position acts as an advocate for the mission of the department to the administrators and outside constituencies.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of this position include working with the Dean of the School of ABS in managing program curriculum, creating course schedules, assisting with faculty and student issues, conducting and preparing program reviews, coordinating assessment of student academic achievement, college credit plus, conduct professional development for faculty, adjunct assignments, will be responsible for faculty evaluations, and participating in other special projects.


The Department Chair of Hospitality and Culinary shall:

  • Prepare fall, spring and summer class schedules, including day, evening or weekend sessions;
  • Conduct and manage program review to ensure academic quality of the department and discipline;
  • Maintain up to 9 credit hours of a teaching load per term.
  • Evaluate and mentor faculty;
  • Coordinate curriculum management;
  • Act as a liaison for practicum sites for Culinary and Hospitality programs
  • Recruit and recommend for hire adjunct and full-time faculty;
  • Engage in perspective student recruitment, advising, enrollment and registration;
  • Review graduation applications prior to final approval by the Dean;
  • Serve on committees as assigned by the Dean;
  • Work with students and faculty to resolve conflicts and serve as the second step in grade appeals;
  • Coordinate textbook selection and review process to reduce overall student cost;
  • Plan and oversee professional development for program faculty;
  • Duties also include managing student files, including processing of applications, documenting, using spreadsheets (such as Excel), and databases (such as Colleague/Web Advisor and Moodle).  Keep track of student progress in cross disciplines and updating student records.  This will involve working closely with many different offices throughout the College, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, etc.
  • Daily email, phone and face-to-face correspondence with the Dean, students, and other academic offices.
  • Develop and monitor departmental budgets with Dean;
  • Authority – As an administrator, the Department Chair has responsibility and authority for communicating the department views to the college community and concerns to the department.  The Chair must distinguish between personal views and those that reflect the consensus of the department answering that faculty in the departments are fully engaged in department and classroom visit duties.

 Qualifications – Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Three to five (3-5) years of experience as an educator and executive chef; certification from an accredited body, such as Certified Executive Chef, or Certified Master Chef, or Certified Master’s degree preferred; Bachelor’s degree required.  Proficient in classical and modern cuisine and current with food service trends (i.e., savory and pastry foods); Executive Pastry Chef, or Certified Master Pastry Chef.

Interested parties should submit their resume and cover letter to humanresources@hocking.edu

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