President’s Message

Greetings Columbus Chapter Membership,

Our October gathering was far more educational than a meeting as Chef George Sideras CEC, AAC Corporate Chef with the Nestle Corporation as our presenter.  His wealth of knowledge was enlightening as he shared the values of understanding the science of neuro gastronomy recognizing how the brain creates flavor.  Thanks to Chef Sideras and the Columbus Culinary Institute we all drove away from the culinary campus enriched.

Our chapter wrapped up October with another well-attended ACF sanctioned competition with over 50 student and professional chef participants striving to achieve excellence preparing their craft under many categories.  One Gold medal was earned over the two-day series.  The planning and preparation have a payoff as skills are refined with each experience.  Our host the Columbus Culinary Institute, once again provided a sensational stage for all who attended.  Our chapter membership/social chair Travis Caldwell served as our hospitality liaison to the seven evaluators who shared their experience with a critique for learning. Everyone walked away with a better vision for their next competition.

November 13th is the start of National Apprenticeship Week.  Our chapter celebrates Columbus State in its 40th year as the ACF apprenticeship site.  Many attributes and thanks to Carol Kaiser and the late Ziggy Alspach for  their role in launching the program that is now well underway to an explosive direction for a campus and facility that Chef Ziggy had dreams of providing from the beginning in 1977.

November 13th is also the evening of our next general meeting hosted by Zink Foodservice.  We will have the opportunity to observe innovative equipment for quick-fire food preparations that are a staple in our fast-paced kitchens industry-wide. The evening promises to be rewarding.  Mark your calendars for this gathering.

Elections for our 2017 Columbus Chapter Chef of the Year will start on November 15th and will end on November 30th.  One vote per professional member will be accepted.  Each student member vote carries the ½ vote and will be counted by the Chef of the Year committee.

I am asking all of you to review the year at a glance and recognize anyone in our chapter who you feel is a potential recipient for the famed ROAR award.  This prestigious award is earned by members who have made a significant impact to strengthen and grow our chapter in 2017.  A role model who brings the whispers of chapter business to a loud roar.

December 16th Columbus Culinary will host to the State of Ohio culinary hot foods team competition.  The winner will represent our state as they advance to the region reaching for a slot at the national competition this summer.  Columbus Culinary, Sinclair College, Hocking College, and Midwest Culinary are all contenders for this grueling wind sprint in the culinary arts.

Save the date: Sunday, January 14, 2018 for the annual Presidents Gala hosted by Chef John Carlson at the historic Westin Columbus. Chef Carlson has a wonderful design and theme for the dinner as he shared his vision with me that is very exciting.  He quoted “My thought for the dinner was twofold. First was to honor the age and the beauty of our ballroom that was home to President McKinley’s oath of office. Secondly to honor our ACF President featuring a menu that is Presidential pulling courses from previous historical Presidential dinners and bringing back some items that our Ohio presidents would have had. Of course with a touch of modern seasoning and flavor.”


Chef C. David Wolf, CEC, AAC


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